When Life gets Overwhelming….

There are days,when there’s nothing happening at all… And then there are days, when all of it happens at a time, and you are SO Overwhelmed, you just shut down! Don’t we all? And that’s absolutely OK!… You are entitled to it, and that’s when you get back, even better than before.

These are some beautiful quotes I have read somewhere and wrote it down. When you read such quotes, you get philosophical for a moment, which is a nice feeling sometimes.


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What’s Trending right now!

Back with – What’s trending this week, I have for you, 3 amazing things to watch out for. Go ahead, take a look and let me know your thoughts on this.

1.Introducing BOOK by Cadillac

For all the car lovers out there here’s some brilliant news from Cadillac. Book by Cadillac is a vehicle subscription model, which lets you can book any premium Cadillac vehicle based on your suit and needs, without worrying about insurance,taxes,maintenance etc.

This is a app based model, which lets you choose the vehicle you want, which will then be delivered to you. Subscriber can swap the vehicle up to 18 times a year.This subscription will cost you a monthly fee of $1500 and there is no limit on mileage.

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DIY stunning nailpaint dipped votives.

I love CANDLES! They give me a sense of calmness and magically make any place  or room aesthetic. I have been buying candles since years and many of them are not yet used. I somehow don’t feel like lighting them up,but use them as a decoration piece instead 😉

Yesterday night, I was in high spirits and wanted to do something. I remembered seeing nailpaint dipped mugs and bottles and I thought to try the same with glass/votives which can be used for candles. I must say they turned out gorgeous. The swirl effects and my personal touch – a hint of GOLD on the rim of the glass complimented really well. Keep reading to see how you can easily make these stunning votives.

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Things you need to watch, hear and eat right now!

Happy Sankranti and pongal wishes everyone. The weekend is almost getting over and i wish that it didn’t. Okay getting to the point I have for you today – one thing you must watch, one which you just need to hear and one which you have to gorge on.Keep reading…. Continue reading “Things you need to watch, hear and eat right now!”

Let’s start the year with choco idli cake!

Who doesn’t love a chocolate cake? Especially when its all spongy, soft and with ICING. This time when I went shopping for groceries I came across “Pillsbury’s Choco Idli Cake” and thought i’ll give it a try.

To my surprise it turned out really well. This serves 7-8 idli sized cakes.Easy to make and  perfect for the sudden chocolate cake cravings. Also tried out voiceover in iMovie for the first time.Check out the video and try it and let me know how it turned out.

Happy new year everyone! Have a great year and celebrate life, celebrate happiness.

The countdown begins yet again!

2016 is coming to a close and it has been a year of highs and lows. Now when I think of it, it feels like it passed in a blur. 2016  will always be remembered. One of the best things to happen this year for me is Leh, Ladakh. This place, I must say is one of the serene and beautiful places in the world.

From this amazing travel, today I have for you, some amazing pictures which will give you a glimpse of what i am talking about.Take a look and let me know your thoughts.


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Store in Style – These Upcycled Gold Jars are gorgeous!

I love Nutella and who doesn’t. I end up consuming so much nutella, that I have so many of those jars and once I finish, i don’t feel like discarding it, so I wash them and thinking i’ll use it. And here comes Pinterest to the rescue – I came across some pretty upcycled jars and decided to make something similar.

This is one of the most simple DIY project i have done and the end result is so beautiful. Anything with metallic paint cannot go wrong. This will make your table look stylish and you can use these containers to store anything .

Check the pictures and the video below.


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Ladies! This is the best gift you could get yourself!

Remember those times, when you go out wearing those killer looking heels. You feel so awesome and then after a while, it starts hurting like hell and you wish that you are in your slippers. Finally are woes are heard and we got the perfect solution for this problem.This one is for all you women who love heels!

The German company Mime et Moi has come up with a product, which is one of the best idea’s ever in my opinion. Can you imagine one shoes, five different ways… Yes that’s right ladies, this company has launched a shoe with five different heels, which you can change however, whenever you feel like and they are GORGEOUS.

Check out the video. I so wish that i could get my hands on one of this.

These beautiful shoes start from approx 13000 INR (175,00 €). Take a look here for their collection. Each one of them is amazing. This one is my favourite .

Follow them on Instagram for more amazing pictures and info .

Credits: Video by Become Beauty Girls , Cover photo from Kickstarter

Now, this is super tech stuff! Just Grab and go.

Now imagine a billing counter in a supermarket during a weekend. Uuugghhhh, I bet most of us, can see a long line, which will take forever for you to finally reach the counter. I would never go to one unless its absolutely necessary.

Now what if I say, you go to a supermarket, No lines, no checkout – just grab and go!  This is the tag line of “Amazon Go” by Amazon, which is a new kind of store featuring the world’s most advanced shopping technology.

Check the video below and be amazed.

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