7 Movies you need to watch!

This one is a late post.Belated Happy women’s day to all the ladies. Celebrating the day’s spirit, me and my female colleagues wore saree to work and clicked tons of pictures and made some hilarious Boomerang videos. I love the Boomerang app.

Today I give you 7 movies which revolve around female main characters you need to watch, and if you have already done, then watch it all over again.These movies not just entertain you but makes you think, sometimes change us or build up our confidence .

1.Chak De India


The film is based on Indian women`s hockey team which has been discouraged and ignored by everyone. Team`s coach Kabir Khan finds himself in charge of a group of 16 young women from various sections of India, who are divided by their own competitive natures and individual prejudices. Will they overcome their differences and work together?

2.Mad Max : Fury Road

“Out here, everything hurts. You wanna get through this? Do as I say. Now pick up what you can and run.”

One of the best dialogues by Charlize Theron as Furiosa who is a total badass, along with 5 other women have potrayed thier roles so amazingly, I was in awe. This movie which captures women caring for each other, lifting each other and fighting hard for what is right along with the help of Max (Tom Hardy) is a must watch. Continue reading “7 Movies you need to watch!”


At the end of a tiring work day, when I get back home, what I end up doing is take my laptop out and sit with all the pillows piled up around me and settle to watch a SITCOM. I think from past 3 years, I am so addicted to binge watching series, that somedays I have slept at 4AM in the morning on weekdays.

And I think most of us have done this :).

This post is for all the binge watchers out there. Today I am writing about three of the SITCOMS (which I am not sure how many of you all know), but is worth the watch.

Continue reading “Binge watching series!”

5 Best Animated short films!

As I am impatiently waiting and waiting for Kungfu Panda 3 to release here, I have written about some of my favorite animated short films below. I love how realistic the animation movies are turning out nowadays. The effort put into tiny details in the art is amazing.

Today i have 5 wonderful short animated films each of them filled with wonderful work of art,music,emotions,meaning. Check them out. Continue reading “5 Best Animated short films!”

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