Bolo Ganga Maiya ki Jai!

On Day 2, after the amazing river rafting experience, even though we were knackered we were on a tight schedule. Our story was “so much to experience with so less time”.The next destination to witness was Haridwar Ganga Aarti.

The drive to Haridwar Ganga ghat took us 1.5 hours from Dehradun. Once we reached, we had to walk on the banks of the ganga river leading towards the Har ki Pauri Ghat, where the aarti takes place.The aarti is performed every day during sunrise and sunset.

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Rishikesh Calling…….Day 1

         I know its been long since I posted, but these last few weeks I have been traveling on weekends and tired on weekdays. Finally after all the laziness has weared off, today I present to you the first post of the series : Rishikesh Calling.


After rigorous planning, shopping and packing, finally the day arrived when all 11 of us headed for an adventure vacation. On 18th March, we had an early flight out of Bangalore. The flight to Dehradun was via Delhi. We reached Dehradun around 12 PM.

Our trek with India Hikes was planned for 21st March. As we had a whole weekend before that, we decided to make the most of it and planned for a mini adventure in Rishikesh along with some spiritual experiences as well.

We signed up with Outbound Adventure for River Rafting expedition with 1 night River side camp stay. Once we reached Dehradun, they arranged the transport from airport to their Campsite. A Tempo Traveller will cost you 3000 INR. It took us almost an hour to reach the campsite.

Once we reached there, the manager showed us around. This place was absolutely beautiful with a river flowing on one side and around 15 to 18 tents on the other side and a huge circular tent where food and snacks were served which also turned out to be the only place where you had access to plug point.The weather was super hot which made us wonder how are we going to get through the night in tents without power. Keep reading to find out.

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When the news came floating by…

A few months back, during a very busy work day a news came floating by that some of my office colleagues were planning to go high altitude trekking. I searched for the destination – Kedarkantha (yes, Its not Kedarnath, but Kedarkantha) they had in mind on the internet and WOAH! I was blown away by the beautiful pictures I saw. That’s when me and some of my friends decided to enroll.

As we had never been on a trekking expedition this was a uncharted territory for us. We needed to do lots of research and plan. For the next few weeks we read through several blogs, articles, ogled at beautiful pictures, started day dreaming, created whatsapp groups, discussed and planned in full swing.

We had heard so many good reviews about India Hikes through our friends for trekking expeditions. So in the end we were 11 of us registered for the Kedarkantha trek batch of 21st March with India Hikes.

Initially it was just a 6 day trekking trip. But when we realized we will be going so close to adventure hub of the country, we also planned to cover Rishikesh and Haridwar which was nearby to Dehradun. After several meetups and conference calls with the group, we finalized the itinerary.

So our final itinerary boiled down to


For the next few days, in the upcoming posts I will be sharing with you all the details of our trip with some amazing clicks as well. Until then have a great week and keep hydrated.

Do you remember when you first started walking? I don’t, but I can imagine the happiness on my parent’s face when they saw my first steps. Even today I can feel the happiness in their voice for my smallest achievements be it in professional or personal life.

In our busy lives, we often forget what matters in our life – especially our parents. I call my mom every day and share lot of things with her, but I miss my school days where we (me and my sister) used to rush back home from school and share with her every detail of our day while we lazed on the dining table. We used to almost fight for whose turn it was to talk first. And the whole charade repeating during dinner with the whole family. I now wonder whether they used to get bored of our stories. lol…

Yes, sometimes when mom nags you about your habits over the phone, we do get irritated and cut the call. But when you miss them, you start to miss that and you realize their love in that. They do so, for you own good and one day we all realize it.

I still remember when I met with an accident riding the 2-wheeler, I expected my dad to yell at me over my carelessness. But then they surprise you. They teach you that, things do happen and you shouldn’t give up. Go out and try again. And they keep reminding you, that they are always there for you, no matter what.

Over time we forget all the sacrifices our parent’s have done in bringing us up. Right from their sleep when we were infants (and we were bawling all the time), to their dreams so that we can achieve ours. No matter what happens, never let your parents down.

Call your parents or your closed ones frequently and remind them that you love them. It’s never late to let your closed ones know how much you appreciate, what they are doing for you.

This PDA is for my parents and my sister: Thank you and I Love You 🙂

And thank you to my friends too, who have also taken up the role of being my family when required.

DIY these Color Block Scented Candles

Being a candle lover, I have seen so many of these DIY candle pictures on Pinterest, i thought i will craft one. It is so much fun to do this. It is also kind of a patience building exercise (when you need to wait for the wax to dry up).If you love candles, this one definitely needs to be tried.So play on some Lush life by Zara larson and get started.

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When Life gets Overwhelming….

There are days,when there’s nothing happening at all… And then there are days, when all of it happens at a time, and you are SO Overwhelmed, you just shut down! Don’t we all? And that’s absolutely OK!… You are entitled to it, and that’s when you get back, even better than before.

These are some beautiful quotes I have read somewhere and wrote it down. When you read such quotes, you get philosophical for a moment, which is a nice feeling sometimes.


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The countdown begins yet again!

2016 is coming to a close and it has been a year of highs and lows. Now when I think of it, it feels like it passed in a blur. 2016  will always be remembered. One of the best things to happen this year for me is Leh, Ladakh. This place, I must say is one of the serene and beautiful places in the world.

From this amazing travel, today I have for you, some amazing pictures which will give you a glimpse of what i am talking about.Take a look and let me know your thoughts.


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You will definitely eat cake today, once you watch this!

One of my future goals, is to become a baker. I find baking to be beautiful and peaceful.From baking a cake to crossiant to souffle,every time i see a video of a dessert, my desire to be a baker becomes stronger.

Check out below the video featured by Tasty, who have shown the art of creating a cake, in a short video of less than one minute.

From the part where the egg disperses into the flour to the part where we can see each chunk of chocolate,the way they have zoomed in on every detail is mesmerizing.

This video reminds us that, something so regular, can be something so beautiful!

Video Source: Tasty  with Music by Corona

Have a good week everyone!

A Moment of Magic – A beautiful purpose.

A Moment of Magic Foundation,  is a program founded by Kylee McGrane, Wilkes Barre, and Margaret McAndrew, Milford, Connecticut. Their mission is a beautiful one – as they quote””restoring the magic of believing at a time when a child needs to ‘just be a kid’ and reminding them to be brave, strong, and fearless”.

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