Let’s start the year with choco idli cake!

Who doesn’t love a chocolate cake? Especially when its all spongy, soft and with ICING. This time when I went shopping for groceries I came across “Pillsbury’s Choco Idli Cake” and thought i’ll give it a try.

To my surprise it turned out really well. This serves 7-8 idli sized cakes.Easy to make and  perfect for the sudden chocolate cake cravings. Also tried out voiceover in iMovie for the first time.Check out the video and try it and let me know how it turned out.

Happy new year everyone! Have a great year and celebrate life, celebrate happiness.


Trendy Things right now!

Hey guys! so weekend’s finally here. Each day you see so many new things on the internet, from hilarious hastags to the crazy fashion trends to the yummiest food trends.Today I am going to share with you,  3 of the trending items which i loved. Take a look and ooh and aah and tell me your favourite one.

Frankfurter Brett BASIC

When it comes to cooking, lot of people dread the chopping part ,you remove the peel,chop and the biggest headache is to shift those into different containers so that they dont mix. Frankfurter Brett BASIC is a chopping board that helps you with this. Take a look at it and you would definetly would want to get one!

Cooking has never been easier before.
For more information look here:,

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This Chocolate and Oreo Mousse is to die for!

Laughter may be the best medicine, but sometimes you need a dose of chocolate! I am sure all of us have time to time cravings for dessert,especially something with chocolate. Last week, I had some chocolate and access to youtube, I was in the mood to make something, so i ended up watching tons of videos and finally came up with my own recipe.

This post shows you how you can make a quick dessert for yourself and if you are feeling generous, then for your roommates/friends. As i stay as a paying guest, i don’t really have access to a full fledged kitchen. I used very minimal cutlery and ingredients.

Check out below the video for more details, recipe below.

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You will definitely eat cake today, once you watch this!

One of my future goals, is to become a baker. I find baking to be beautiful and peaceful.From baking a cake to crossiant to souffle,every time i see a video of a dessert, my desire to be a baker becomes stronger.

Check out below the video featured by Tasty, who have shown the art of creating a cake, in a short video of less than one minute.

From the part where the egg disperses into the flour to the part where we can see each chunk of chocolate,the way they have zoomed in on every detail is mesmerizing.

This video reminds us that, something so regular, can be something so beautiful!

Video Source: Tasty  with Music by Corona

Have a good week everyone!

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