Playlist Update Alert – Top 6 Songs!

After listening to shape of you and rockabye on repeat over and over….. I finally got fed up and I am now ready to move on to new songs on my playlist. I initially thought will round up to 5 tracks, but couldn’t choose. Keep reading to find the best 6 on my my current playlist.

Just cannot get enough of this beat. Absolutely in Love with the composition of Attention by Charlie Puth.

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Glass igloo + dreamy sky = An absolute Win-Win!

I am sure that all of us have a wish of lying down, sleep off staring at the stars in the sky. What would you tell me, if I say that you can lie down in a stunning glass igloo and have a breathtaking view of dancing northern lights in the sky ?

That is exactly what Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Finnish Lapland,is offering you . Continue reading “Glass igloo + dreamy sky = An absolute Win-Win!”

Please take a breath! It’s just Ash being herself : Absolutely Gorgeous!

Everyone Go and pick yourself up the new edition of Harper’s Bazaar India. Our own Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is gracing the cover for the magazine, and she looks utterly Beautiful, gorgeous,sexy,alluring….I am running out of adjectives here….

Brace yourself and check out the pictures below.

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From trick-or-treating to carved pumpkins to the costumes, Halloween is a widely celebrated festival in the US and Europe, and recently has spread it wings to other countries as well.

One family you need to watch out for every year during this time is, Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable little family . They are hands down, “The best dressed family” for halloween every single year. I wait to see what they are going to dress up as, every year.

Check out the picture Neil uploaded on instagram, during this halloween. Continue reading “Neil Patrick Harris and his family have done it, yet again!”

Who knew paintings could come to life?

Painting and sketching have been one of my hobbies since childhood. Every once in a while, i take out the colors and brushes and whip up something in my notebook.On this note, I have for you today’s post, which features the amazing work of artists James Eads and Chris McDaniel.

Take a look at the video below featured on NowThis. This work is a collaboration between both the artists, where James does the art and Chris makes them move. Together they make it come to life. You will be astonished at how beautiful this is.

Check out more of their work here and here.

I hope, one day I could create something so beautiful. Have a beautiful day people !

Have you heard of the hashtag #FollowMeTo? Its a beautiful photo series by a very talented photographer, Murad Osmann capturing his beautiful wife Nataly Osmann in a very unique way .

Each photo shows Nataly turned away from the camera, holding the extended hand of Murad in beautiful locations across the globe. It is not just the location and photography, but the beautiful gowns to the beachwear to the gorgeous Indian wear and the jewelry adorned by Nataly, is what makes it all the more beautiful !

Check out below some of the images and tell me, that you don’t wanna watch more of this. Continue reading “Breathtaking #FollowMeTo photoseries vs. the hilarious parody”

What’s Trending right now?

It’s October already!!! Time goes by so fast. So many changes over the last 10 months, I completed 6 months at my new workplace yesterday 🙂 It’s been a good change.

Anyway, from the ancient times ( i.e before i started blogging 😛 ) I have been following the Huffington post, thrillist and many other blogs… there are many interesting posts shared on these sites. Today this post features, my best picks out of plethora of trending videos, articles etc.Check them out and let me know which one was your favourite. Continue reading “What’s Trending right now?”

10 Best Tracks on my playlist !

I commute everyday for an hour or so, and sometimes it gets really frustrating sometimes with all the traffic. The one thing which helps me get through this is, MUSIC.

Today’s post is on, 10 of the best tracks on my playlist. We have here a mix of tracks, which will make you call your long lost friend or exercise, dance, jog and pick your mood up instantly and believe in yourself…Go ahead and give it a listen and let me know which one will be on your playlist next.

1.We dont talk anymore – Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

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Hi people,

I am sometimes one of those people, who love to watch short videos (not more than 5 mins…short attention span.. LOL). Whenever i get free time, I surf through the net and watch some hatke videos. I would like to introduce you to WatchCut, which is a group of people, who have released a series called “100 years of Beauty”, where they have women depicting styles of over a century of different countries.So Today I have for you, six – one minute videos which is a time lapse of a model getting her hair and makeup done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010.  So check these videos out. Continue reading “100 years of beauty under a minute and Half!”

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