Store in Style – These Upcycled Gold Jars are gorgeous!

I love Nutella and who doesn’t. I end up consuming so much nutella, that I have so many of those jars and once I finish, i don’t feel like discarding it, so I wash them and thinking i’ll use it. And here comes Pinterest to the rescue – I came across some pretty upcycled jars and decided to make something similar.

This is one of the most simple DIY project i have done and the end result is so beautiful. Anything with metallic paint cannot go wrong. This will make your table look stylish and you can use these containers to store anything .

Check the pictures and the video below.


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Ladies! This is the best gift you could get yourself!

Remember those times, when you go out wearing those killer looking heels. You feel so awesome and then after a while, it starts hurting like hell and you wish that you are in your slippers. Finally are woes are heard and we got the perfect solution for this problem.This one is for all you women who love heels!

The German company Mime et Moi has come up with a product, which is one of the best idea’s ever in my opinion. Can you imagine one shoes, five different ways… Yes that’s right ladies, this company has launched a shoe with five different heels, which you can change however, whenever you feel like and they are GORGEOUS.

Check out the video. I so wish that i could get my hands on one of this.

These beautiful shoes start from approx 13000 INR (175,00 €). Take a look here for their collection. Each one of them is amazing. This one is my favourite .

Follow them on Instagram for more amazing pictures and info .

Credits: Video by Become Beauty Girls , Cover photo from Kickstarter

From The One Who Lost Control

I sat there. On the corner of my bed. Clutching my computer. Trying to find something, anything to distract myself from what I knew was happening to me. I went from E! to YouTube, Superwoman to Bra…

Source: From The One Who Lost Control

Goodudeepa in making!

This one is a late post, While everyone was bursting crackers, eating sweets, wearing new clothes with jewelry, meeting friends and relatives, houses lit up, I wanted to write about one of the traditions which is followed religiously in my hometown.

“GooduDeepa” which means nested light, also known as akasha deepa (lantern of the sky) is lantern with a wooden framework and covered in coloured papers. These are hung out of homes and lit during diwali.

In Earlier days people set these lanterns afloat high, as a gesture to invite the spirits of their ancestors moving around to come back home and be with them during the festival time; hence the name akasha deepa.

So years back, i used to help my dad when he was making it for diwali every year. But from some years, i have taken the ownership to get it done. It always brings back those childhood memories, when i sit down and start working on it.

Check out the video below of this years goodudeepa. (P.S the video quality is not that great,but i get the point across 😉 )

Checkout the pictures of goodudeepa competition held every year. You can see so many creative ones from the one made with coins to the one made with fruits etc.. Check it out here.

Who could ever think, zodiac signs could be interpreted so beautifully?

Setareh of Starlit Makeup, did just that.

The artist has created a stunning series, which includes the 12 signs of the zodiac calendar.

Just check out the details she has given for each of the zodiac sign, from the hair braid which looks like a scorpios tail, to the beautiful black spots as signs of whisker for a leo or the stunning horn of the aries…

She also has quoted a small description about each of the zodiacs. Check out and tell me how did you like your zodiac sign.


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Please take a breath! It’s just Ash being herself : Absolutely Gorgeous!

Everyone Go and pick yourself up the new edition of Harper’s Bazaar India. Our own Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, is gracing the cover for the magazine, and she looks utterly Beautiful, gorgeous,sexy,alluring….I am running out of adjectives here….

Brace yourself and check out the pictures below.

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A Moment of Magic – A beautiful purpose.

A Moment of Magic Foundation,  is a program founded by Kylee McGrane, Wilkes Barre, and Margaret McAndrew, Milford, Connecticut. Their mission is a beautiful one – as they quote””restoring the magic of believing at a time when a child needs to ‘just be a kid’ and reminding them to be brave, strong, and fearless”.

Check out the video by Elite Daily ,capturing their work to bring smiles to children with cancer. Continue reading “A Moment of Magic – A beautiful purpose.”

Have you heard of the hashtag #FollowMeTo? Its a beautiful photo series by a very talented photographer, Murad Osmann capturing his beautiful wife Nataly Osmann in a very unique way .

Each photo shows Nataly turned away from the camera, holding the extended hand of Murad in beautiful locations across the globe. It is not just the location and photography, but the beautiful gowns to the beachwear to the gorgeous Indian wear and the jewelry adorned by Nataly, is what makes it all the more beautiful !

Check out below some of the images and tell me, that you don’t wanna watch more of this. Continue reading “Breathtaking #FollowMeTo photoseries vs. the hilarious parody”

Hi people,

I am sometimes one of those people, who love to watch short videos (not more than 5 mins…short attention span.. LOL). Whenever i get free time, I surf through the net and watch some hatke videos. I would like to introduce you to WatchCut, which is a group of people, who have released a series called “100 years of Beauty”, where they have women depicting styles of over a century of different countries.So Today I have for you, six – one minute videos which is a time lapse of a model getting her hair and makeup done to match every decade from 1910 to 2010.  So check these videos out. Continue reading “100 years of beauty under a minute and Half!”

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