I started this blog last year to stay creative and not get bogged down by day to day activities. I write about anything and everything,the things i experience,the places i have been to, the people I meet .

I am a girl in my 20’s and I work for an IT firm ,I am into development.How did I end up doing this?? It just happened over the years,the result of not having a firm mind and goal! But I find my profile very interesting and at the end of the day I learn lot of new things. This blog is my way of staying creative and sharing it with you guys. This year my goal for the blog is to be regular with the posts and keep writing interesting posts. One of the mantra’s I always try to follow is – Dont ever let anyone dull your sparkle! That’s about me!

You can reach out to me at reachsprinklesparkle@gmail.com .

Also check out the facebook page here.

So whoever is seeing this i hope you are having a great day and i will  be looking forward to share and hear from you guys!