Day 2

On 19th March, We woke up around 8’o clock, packed all our stuff, ready to leave the campsite and go to our first adventure activity – RIVER RAFTING.

We chose Outbound adventures who offer 9km,16km and 24km river rafting packages. As many of us had done river rafting before, we were very ambitious and opted for 24km stretch. This stretch starts from Marine Drive and ends at NIM Beach. The drive from campsite to Marine Drive took almost an hour. Once we reached there, we were given helmets and life jackets and taken to the shore.


We were briefed on all the safety aspects and rules to follow. We were divided into 2 rafts with one experienced leader in each raft giving instructions. We also had 2 instructors on Kayak who were rafting alongside us to help anyone who fell off the raft.

And then the adventure began, We started slowly rowing the raft as the river was calm and eerily quiet. As they say “Silence before storm” this is some what like that. The instructors made us practice all the commands.  They even asked us to jump into the water to get the feel of the river. The first jump was scary and thrilling, it cannot be described in words.


We got onto the raft and continued. Then onwards, we came across rapids of grade 4 and grade 3. The best rapids were Roller coaster, golf course and three blind mice. Roller coaster was the longest and my personal favorite as I was sitting in the front for this one. It was such a thrilling experience going through those rapids. Up and down your raft is thrown by the river and the key to not drown is following your guide’s commands.


After each rapid, the river calmed down for a stretch of around one km. During this, we stood on the raft, took pictures, jumped into the river and also swam .Once all the major rapids were done, we were taken to the side of the river towards the rocks for cliff jumping. We climbed to a height of 30 meters and were asked to jump into the river.


It was my turn now, I went off to the edge and they counted “3…2…1…jump…” I could not jump. My mind was asking me to jump, but my body was not agreeing. They counted yet again “3..2..1..jump…” again I couldn’t. I started asking ” How to jump? I want to, but not able to… “. They asked me to take a deep breath and jump and also warned that if I do not jump next time they are going to push me. “3…2…1..j…” And I jumped….. It was an amazing experience, the rush, the jump and those 2 seconds hanging in the air right before hitting the water. When I came back up, I held onto the kayak as instructed. I was taken back to the raft.

Once everyone jumped, we resumed rafting and after this point we came across smaller rapids. But once you’ve experienced roller coaster and golf course these are nullified. Once we reached the NIM beach shore , we got down and helped the guide load the raft on to the jeep.


3 hours of rafting had made us tired and hungry. We had booked a hotel pretty close to NIM beach – The Laxmi Palace. We scurried on to the hotel, hogged and rested.

All in all River rafting was an excellent, thrilling, amazing experience…. Everyone has to try it out at least once in their lifetime. (Please sign up with the experienced adventure teams who follow all the safety procedures).

Next on the list was Haridwar Ganga Aarti. Coming up in the next post……Have a good weekend people. 🙂