A few months back, during a very busy work day a news came floating by that some of my office colleagues were planning to go high altitude trekking. I searched for the destination – Kedarkantha (yes, Its not Kedarnath, but Kedarkantha) they had in mind on the internet and WOAH! I was blown away by the beautiful pictures I saw. That’s when me and some of my friends decided to enroll.

As we had never been on a trekking expedition this was a uncharted territory for us. We needed to do lots of research and plan. For the next few weeks we read through several blogs, articles, ogled at beautiful pictures, started day dreaming, created whatsapp groups, discussed and planned in full swing.

We had heard so many good reviews about India Hikes through our friends for trekking expeditions. So in the end we were 11 of us registered for the Kedarkantha trek batch of 21st March with India Hikes.

Initially it was just a 6 day trekking trip. But when we realized we will be going so close to adventure hub of the country, we also planned to cover Rishikesh and Haridwar which was nearby to Dehradun. After several meetups and conference calls with the group, we finalized the itinerary.

So our final itinerary boiled down to


For the next few days, in the upcoming posts I will be sharing with you all the details of our trip with some amazing clicks as well. Until then have a great week and keep hydrated.