Do you remember when you first started walking? I don’t, but I can imagine the happiness on my parent’s face when they saw my first steps. Even today I can feel the happiness in their voice for my smallest achievements be it in professional or personal life.

In our busy lives, we often forget what matters in our life – especially our parents. I call my mom every day and share lot of things with her, but I miss my school days where we (me and my sister) used to rush back home from school and share with her every detail of our day while we lazed on the dining table. We used to almost fight for whose turn it was to talk first. And the whole charade repeating during dinner with the whole family. I now wonder whether they used to get bored of our stories. lol…

Yes, sometimes when mom nags you about your habits over the phone, we do get irritated and cut the call. But when you miss them, you start to miss that and you realize their love in that. They do so, for you own good and one day we all realize it.

I still remember when I met with an accident riding the 2-wheeler, I expected my dad to yell at me over my carelessness. But then they surprise you. They teach you that, things do happen and you shouldn’t give up. Go out and try again. And they keep reminding you, that they are always there for you, no matter what.

Over time we forget all the sacrifices our parent’s have done in bringing us up. Right from their sleep when we were infants (and we were bawling all the time), to their dreams so that we can achieve ours. No matter what happens, never let your parents down.

Call your parents or your closed ones frequently and remind them that you love them. It’s never late to let your closed ones know how much you appreciate, what they are doing for you.

This PDA is for my parents and my sister: Thank you and I Love You 🙂

And thank you to my friends too, who have also taken up the role of being my family when required.