Being a candle lover, I have seen so many of these DIY candle pictures on Pinterest, i thought i will craft one. It is so much fun to do this. It is also kind of a patience building exercise (when you need to wait for the wax to dry up).If you love candles, this one definitely needs to be tried.So play on some Lush life by Zara larson and get started.

1.Gather your supplies


2.Let’s get started

Take a small amount of wax in the double boiler, and melt it.Pour melted wax into the bottom of your candle holder. Immediately place the candle wick base into the melted wax at the bottom center. Allow it to harden(usually takes 1-2 minutes).


3.Choose your colors

Peel the paper off the crayons and choose set of 3 colors for each candle. You can go either dark green/light blue/light green or pink/orange/red or black/white/grey etc. Or you can choose random colors too.

4.Setup a double boiler

A double boiler is a set of two fitted vessels or pots that are stacked together with space between them. The bottom vessel is filled with water, then the second vessel is stacked on top.We put the wax in the second vessel.

5.Get Messy

As i had huge chunks of wax, i had to cut them to smaller pieces just to make it melt faster. Measure a cup of wax and start melting the wax using a double boiler. The steam from the water rises and melts the wax in the upper vessel.

When the wax is melted half way, break the crayons and add it to the wax mixture.And keep stirring it  with a spoon or the crayon will stick to the vessel.


When it is melting, get your setup ready for the glass. To get the tilted layer effect, you need to keep the glass a little tilted, you can do this like below.

Once it is melted, pour the wax into the glass container.


Once it has dried, pour the next colour by twisting the container. Keep repeating the process until the container is filled.

I did one with flat layers. which also turned out pretty well.

6.Chop off the extras

Once the candle has dried, cut off the excess length of the candle wick and remove off extra wax if they are stuck on the rim.And Voila! its done.. you have your own scented beautiful candles.



7.Add some flair

You can tie a piece of twine or decorative ribbon around the rim to give it a more festive touch.


Have a great weekend everyone and do let me know, if you try this out.