I love CANDLES! They give me a sense of calmness and magically make any place  or room aesthetic. I have been buying candles since years and many of them are not yet used. I somehow don’t feel like lighting them up,but use them as a decoration piece instead 😉

Yesterday night, I was in high spirits and wanted to do something. I remembered seeing nailpaint dipped mugs and bottles and I thought to try the same with glass/votives which can be used for candles. I must say they turned out gorgeous. The swirl effects and my personal touch – a hint of GOLD on the rim of the glass complimented really well. Keep reading to see how you can easily make these stunning votives.


Materials Needed

  • Clear glass votives ( I got these from itsy bitsy stores, any clear glass would do)
  • Nail paints of desired colors
  • Container with water
  • Toothpick

Get the Water

Fill a bowl half full with water. I used regular tap water for this.

Mix Your Colors

Ok! Warning: This step needs to be done quickly, so that the nail polish doesn’t have time to dry. The best way to do this is hold 2 colors and let few drops fall into the water.

Tip from internet: Apply them near the water’s surface; if you let them fall from too high they’ll sink to the bottom. The polish will start spreading once it hits the water.

Swirl swirl swirl

Quickly drag a toothpick across the surface of the water to swirl the colors and create a marbled effect. These last two steps shouldn’t take much more than a minute or so.

P.S: I failed during the first attempt as I took too long for the 2nd and 3rd step leading the nail polish to dry and stick to the toothpick.

Marbleize the Votive

Hold the votive sideways, gently dip and roll the surface across the nail polish on the water. The polish will pull off of the water and stick to the votive. Roll the votive until all sides are covered. Set the votive down to dry.

Honestly, my second one (green one) turned better than the first one.Keep trying.

Add some gold

I got some gold spray paint and painted the tips of the glass rim. It gives it a pop.


Add Candles

Fill your  votives with tealight candles and enjoy!



via Daily Prompt: Aesthetic

These can definitely be gifted during special occasions to friends or family.

Enjoy getting your hands dirty and finally a candle lit night. Have Fun you’all .