I love Nutella and who doesn’t. I end up consuming so much nutella, that I have so many of those jars and once I finish, i don’t feel like discarding it, so I wash them and thinking i’ll use it. And here comes Pinterest to the rescue – I came across some pretty upcycled jars and decided to make something similar.

This is one of the most simple DIY project i have done and the end result is so beautiful. Anything with metallic paint cannot go wrong. This will make your table look stylish and you can use these containers to store anything .

Check the pictures and the video below.


You just need

  • empty containers (Glass ones preferably )
  • Animal toys
  • Gold spray paint/acrylic paint
  • Glue

Check the video below and get started on these beautiful Jars.

Hope you loved this and if you make one, please do share pictures in the comments below.


Keep storing in style and have a great weekend everyone!