Remember those times, when you go out wearing those killer looking heels. You feel so awesome and then after a while, it starts hurting like hell and you wish that you are in your slippers. Finally are woes are heard and we got the perfect solution for this problem.This one is for all you women who love heels!

The German company Mime et Moi has come up with a product, which is one of the best idea’s ever in my opinion. Can you imagine one shoes, five different ways… Yes that’s right ladies, this company has launched a shoe with five different heels, which you can change however, whenever you feel like and they are GORGEOUS.

Check out the video. I so wish that i could get my hands on one of this.

These beautiful shoes start from approx 13000 INR (175,00 €). Take a look here for their collection. Each one of them is amazing. This one is my favourite .

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Credits: Video by Become Beauty Girls , Cover photo from Kickstarter