Hey guys! so weekend’s finally here. Each day you see so many new things on the internet, from hilarious hastags to the crazy fashion trends to the yummiest food trends.Today I am going to share with you,  3 of the trending items which i loved. Take a look and ooh and aah and tell me your favourite one.

Frankfurter Brett BASIC

When it comes to cooking, lot of people dread the chopping part ,you remove the peel,chop and the biggest headache is to shift those into different containers so that they dont mix. Frankfurter Brett BASIC is a chopping board that helps you with this. Take a look at it and you would definetly would want to get one!

Cooking has never been easier before.
For more information look here: kck.st/2fycNXj, www.frankfurter-brett.de

Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Spa

If you love spa’s then you definitely have to watch this. Allure takes you on a tour of Iceland’s incredible Blue Lagoon spa : here

Christmas festivities have begun all over the world

Take a look at this magical street in Zurich Switzerland. It looks so festive and beautiful. Also look at Santa driving the tram. I so wish i was there right now.


  • Video on Frankfurter Brett BASIC by GIGadgets
  • Video on Iceland’s Blue Lagoon Spa by Allure
  • Video of christmas lights by Best of Christmas Credit: @ebruozcansatir

Have a lovely weekend everyone!