At the end of a tiring work day, when I get back home, what I end up doing is take my laptop out and sit with all the pillows piled up around me and settle to watch a SITCOM. I think from past 3 years, I am so addicted to binge watching series, that somedays I have slept at 4AM in the morning on weekdays.

And I think most of us have done this :).

This post is for all the binge watchers out there. Today I am writing about three of the SITCOMS (which I am not sure how many of you all know), but is worth the watch.

1.Modern Family

I love love love this series. It is one of the best comedy series . THIS IS A MUST WATCH !!! If you are having a bad day, You just need to watch this. This series is about a family and their daily life shenanigans. This light hearted comedy show is so well scripted and all the actors have done a wonderful job. Guys! Look out for Gloria. She’s a beauty, excellent actor and my favourite character on the show 😉  All in all, a great show, great acting, great script.


2. Person Of Interest

Jonathan Nolan (Writer for Interstellar, Dark Knight etc) has created something extraordinary. This is a show which gets you thinking about how internet is being used around the world.  An ex-CIA hit-man and a mysterious millionaire who is a genius,  team up to solve cases and help people. It has a mysterious vibe and you just cannot stop watching it.

John Reese and Mr. Finch are one of the best combinations (After sherlock and John of course.. ).  I want to know how many of you will stop using the internet the way you do now after you watch this show. 😉

If you are in mood to watch a mystery crime series then this is definitely the one to watch.


3. Tripling – By TVF

Have you ever been on a road trip with just your siblings?

My friend suggested me to watch this series, which is a story about 3 siblings on a road trip.  This hindi series just aired few weeks back, so there are only few episodes to watch. The actors have done an awesome job. The story potrays the beauty of having a sibling and how even if you are not close to your siblings, theres always an unspoken bond which shows that in tough times you will be there for each other.

download (1).jpeg

These are the three series, which i recommend to watch. Let me know which are the latest one you have watched and enjoyed or regretted in the comments below. So get comfortable on the sofa, get the snacks ready, keep hydrated and have fun binge watching 🙂