So this is my attempt to start a blog and share whats going on in my life,the things i experience,the people i meet etc.Hopefully i wont stop like the last one . I dont even remember the login credentials for that one!…LOL 😉

I am girl in 20’s and i work for an IT firm ,I am into development.How did i end up doing this?? It just happened over the years,the result of not having a firm mind and goal!But anyway i find it interesting and at the end of the day i learn lot of new things.I Love 3 things in my life! My family and Friends, Dancing and Nutella;)Other than this, I love playing badminton,volleyball and crafting.And right now i am just trying to follow something that i read somewhere – Dont ever let anyone dull your sparkle! Thats in short about me!

So whoever is seeing this i hope you are having a great day and il  be looking forward to share and hear from you guys!