I know its a little late for this, but what the heck… Happy New Year guys! Hope all of you have a great year ahead! I have heard about new year resolutions over the years, but never thought of having my own. But there’s always a first time and this year I have thought i am going to have some of my own. So here it is:

1. Most important one: Be Happy and spread happiness wherever I go.
2. Read atleast 12 books in 2016.( I already have 3 in mind.. :))
3. Stay in touch with my friends regularly.
4. Wake up early and do pranayama or yoga.
5. Write atleast 12 blog posts in 2016.
6. Start Saving up.
7. Visit atleast 2 new places this year.
8. Learn something new skill or join a class.

That’s it for now, but some more might turn up throughout the year.Hope 2016 turns out to be good for everyone & that i carry out the these resolutions.

            I would like to end this post with something i read somewhere, “Look for the good,in everybody”.There’s a lot of people out there who are always trying to bring people down, dont be one of them.Instead be a person who always looks for the best in people.
Until next time…. cya…